My daily job is software development. I was born in Quilmes city, Gran Buenos Aires, Argentina, more than 50 years ago. Currently, I’m living in Buenos Aires, working for an Argentinian blockchain startup. I’m a big supporter of writing production code using TDD (Test-driven refactor), after a decade and a half working in agile projects and teams. My main interests are artificial intelligence, its general approach, but also bounded topics like machine learning, reinforcement learning, genetic algorithms, neural networks, deep learning); blockchain development; agile development.

In this new blog, I want to write about programming, specially about these topics:

  • TDD (Test-driven development)
  • Blockchain concepts, implementations, Bitcoin, Ethereum, other blockchains.
  • Programming languages, like JavaScript, Java, C#, Clojure, Python, WebAssembly…
  • Functional programming, using JavaScript, Haskell…
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Mathematics for software development

Well, it’s an ambitious plan. You can follow me in twitter, and read my code from my github account.

Angel “Java” Lopez
Twitter @ajlopez
Github ajlopez