• Oscar Rendon

    Oscar Rendon

    Cycling, programming, communities, math/ai enthusiast.

  • Muhammed Eren Demir

    Muhammed Eren Demir

    I am software developer. I'm improving myself on Java and devops. I'm working java and devops software in DetaySoft.

  • Eztevan


  • Roman Andrade

    Roman Andrade

    Business Analytics Specialist with +15 years of experience in Finance Industry

  • Ian Torrilla

    Ian Torrilla

  • Silvio Casagrande

    Silvio Casagrande

  • gulshan vasnani

    gulshan vasnani

  • edepe


    Programador Windows/.Net de día y Linux/Python de noche. Tengo un pet project: http://t.co/MVmATtlA7G. La foto de avatar no es contractual.

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